Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Son

I am so proud of my son. He joined the Boy Scouts and is a Tiger Cub!

What a cutie he is.

He is so excited about all of the adventures he is about to have, and all of the awards that come with it. The Tigers earn "belt loops". They get one every time they try their best to do an activity. It is so cute...Stephen has already earned his fishing belt loop and believe me...he wears it with pride!
Last night we had a meeting and he learned the proper way to respectfully dispose of the American Flag.

It was educational for me also. I had never witnessed this process before. If you ever get a chance it is very interesting to watch.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Well I learned something new today.I never knew to dispose of it that it was burned . Interesting.
Have a good day !

karen said...

That is so great. He is a cutie. Congrats to you all.


Beverly said...

The burning was proceeded by prayer and thanking the flag for serving it's country and flying proud. Then they play taps as it burns. It was actually quit moving.

Helene said...

I never realized you could actually dispose of a flag by burning it. Interesting!!

That's awesome that your son is involved with the Boy Scouts! One of my sons wants to join so we need to start looking into it for him!

Cindy said...

Aah, your little guy is so cute! It hurts to see your flag being burned, but that is far better than to see it flying all tattered and torn. That is against the law in the US is it not, it should be here if it is not. It hurts to see that. I was born in the state of Washington and I lived there for nine and a half years. I was taught to love and reverence the flag and my country. When we came to Canada we realized that Canadians are no where near as patriotic as Americans were. I hope that has not changed in the US. Hugs to you and your sweet little fellow. Cindy S.

Amy said...

Oh...your little cutie should be so proud of himself. So many more adventures to come and I never new about the disposing of the flag. Scouts are a wonderful organization.