Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dining Room

We are redoing the living/dining room of our home. This is the dining room before. The people are the youth group from our church having some lunch on community chore day. The walls are white, plain, with occasional strips going down the wall....hated it!!!!
In this picture we are trying to decide on a color. At least the strips are gone at this point. Ignore the computer on the dining room table...hubby has a home business fixing puters in his spare time.
Well the color has been picked!!! LOVE it. It is called antelope hide...not crazy about the name. My poor little hutch is in the middle of the floor still, waiting to find her home.
The light we got a few years ago at Lowes...I stalked it until it went on sale. The color of the wall shows pretty good in this picture.
Now the big question is should we go with a brown for the living room (that connects in an open space to this room), or continue on with the antelope hide. We are leaning toward the antelope hide...it really is a warm happy color. Let me hear some thoughts on color choice...contrast with green, red, stay, go???????


Amy said...

I vote antelope hide for the livingroom. Really pretty and warm! Nice Job!!

jeanne said...

Bev, I love the color. and your light fixture. It goes wonderful with the paint color. I guess If your living room and dining room connect I would use the same color. If you want to blend the same color, tell the paint store to use 'half' the formula with the same color. It will blend perfectly. Again, the color is lovely.

Thank you for your visit to my blog today.


Judy said...

I love the color...I had a hard time convincing my husband to go darker in our kitchen but I eventually won.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Beverly,so glad to meet you and thank you for following me.I will be following you too ! I see that Jeanne is following you too, she is my best blogging buddy, I just love her !
I love the color you chose.And I like that you painted the brown strip white at the top of your ceiling.Looks really good.Can't wait to see eveerything else you are doing !

Beverly said...

Thanks for all the input!! I think we are going with the antelope hide...I loved it soon as it hit the wall. Hubby did not...now he loves it too. He is a white wall with no decorations kind of guy...LOL...I think I drive him crazy!

Cindy said...

I used a color much like that in my last place and with it being so small I painted the living rm and din. room the same and it was so beautiful. I say go with the Antelope Hide. That is really a great color. Hugs, Cindy S.