Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mission Baskets

Thanks to everyone for their prayers this week! My father-in-law did well yesterday and is recovering as expected. When he went to surgery they thought he needed 4 grafts to his heart. He ended up with 6! Please continue to pray for his recovery. I am sure he is quit sore this morning.

I think I have mentioned one of the mission events our church participates in called C.O.M.E (celebration of mission events). This year we made two baskets for the silent auction. It is always fun to collect the items and get them gathered up into a basket.

Basket number 1...

...and basket number 2


Judy @ daily yarns said...

Catching up on reading blogs...I'm so glad your father-in-laws surgery went well. I pray for a full recovery for him.
What wonderful gift baskets. I just love what you put in them.

karen said...

You all are in our prayers. And the baskets are great.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those are some great gift baskets! I hope they raise a lot for missions. Great cause.