Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prickett's Fort

Prickett's Fort State Park in Fairmont, WV is educational as well as a fun day for the family.

Pricketts Fort was constructed in 1774, it provided a place of refuge from American Indian attack for early settlers. It was built at the confluence of Pricketts Creek and the Monongahela River within 10 miles of three major American Indian trails. The Fort, which covers a 110 by 110 foot square, was built by the community militia and is named after Captain Jacob Prickett.

It is a fantastic place to take photographs... may even get to shoot an authentic musket.
The staff at Prickett's Fort dress in era appropriate clothing. It is so fun to see how the people of the time lived, worked and dressed.

They have sheep and chickens at the fort to pet for the kids (that includes the big kids).

Some very pretty WV wild flowers are sprinkled though out the park.

They even have the outdoor amphitheater. Plays and concerts are put on through out the summer, some are free, others can be enjoyed for a fee.
Just south of the Fort (on the same parcel of land) stands the Job Prickett House built in 1859 by Captain Jacob Prickett's great-grandson, Job. This original structure has been restored to provide visitors a glimpse of the progress that took place at the Fort between the 18th and 19th centuries.

This is the Blacksmith shop....

...with a very knowledgeable Blacksmith that was able to answer all of our questions.
This is a shot I took of the inside of the fort.

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