Monday, August 03, 2009

Benton's Ferry United Methodist Church

Let me tell you a little something about the church I attend. It is a little Methodist church in Fairmont, WV, located in Benton's Ferry. The average attendance is 20-30 each week. Service begins at 9:15 AM with Sunday school after at 10:15 AM for the adults (everyone is welcome, my son is 6 years old and he is always around for this). I believe the thing that really draws me to this church is the feeling of belonging. From the first day I attended I felt welcomed. After five years, these people are family and I love them all.
One of the greatest draws to me is their desire to help others.
Several times a year we pass on the "Pass it on" fund. Donations are collected though out the year. One person (a different one each time) is placed in charge of the money. When they see a need, they give the money to the person/s they have chosen to help. There are no strings attached to the money. The only thing we ask is when recipient gets on their feet, they also help someone else in some way.
A couple years ago we participated in the CROP walk for hunger. The picture below is our group after the walk. See the smiles? This is because we were done with the 6.6 mile walk!
A fun thing we do is have a voluntary "prayer pals". During January we draw a name of someone, then you are their secret prayer pal for the year. The secrete is kept until December of the same year. Prayer pals have given cards, gifts, candy and even a duck! The most important aspect of this is that you know you have a person out there praying for you every day! See these delicious chocolate covered strawberries..they were my anniversary gift from my wonderful prayer pal last year.
Our youth group goes out once a year to do chores for the community. These kids (young adults) work hard all day and enjoy a break and lunch at my house each year.
One of my favorite things we do is our hot dog and bake sales to raise money for the Wesley Foundation. 2-3 times a year we do this and we have a blast, while helping out another organization minister to college students.
Each year the United Methodist have a COME celebration. This is a Celebration of Mission Events. Churches are asked to donate baskets for a silent auction to raise money for mission projects for the coming year. The baskets below are an example of Bentons Ferry's contribution to this.

If you are interested in worshiping God and/or having a great time serving the community come and join us on Sundays at 9:15. We are on Serene Drive in Fairmont, WV. We would love to see you there!


Rhondi said...

Hi Beverly
It's nice to meet you. Thanks for leaving a comment! It sounds like you have a wonderful church. It's great isn't to feel like you belong, like your church family really is family.
Hugs, Rhondi

Beverly said...

Thanks Rhondi, you are right, my church family is the family I have picked...

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Hi Beverly,
Thank you very much for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet comment.

We visited Blackwater Falls State Park in WV a couple of Sundays ago. My husband and I went there with my family when we were teenagers. We wanted to take my daughter and her boyfriend there as well. It is so rained the whole time, but it certainly didn't dampen our spirits!