Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The first day of school

Yesterday was the first day of school here in WV. My son started the first grade this year. Where has the time gone...I just gave birth to him a few months ago didn't I?
Look at this happy face, he was so excited to get back to school. He must have gotten that trait from his father, I know it wasn't from me. Can you tell who picked out his clothes? He insisted that this was the shirt he wore the first day. Oh well, it made him happy.Stephen picked out his own book bag this year. I was proud of him for choosing my Alma Matter....Go Errs! (for those of you NOT familiar with WVU...they are the Mountaineers..."errs")
My son was not the only one heading back to school in my family yesterday. My husband also started back to college, he is going to be a respiratory therapist! I don't know which one of them was more excited. I am so proud of both of my men!
The bus finally arrived, and the race was one. You'd think there was a prize for getting on that thing first!
And there goes my little baby...ummmm, I mean little man, getting on the bus and heading off to a life I am not part of. After 6 years it seems strange not to go with him everywhere.
After he got home yesterday he told me all about his day. He was so excited to have his very own desk! He was so proud that it was neat and clean at the end of the day. I am going to have to post a picture of this child's room one day, you have heard the expression "pig sty"...well that is an accurate description of his room. But all is well, he likes his classmates and his teacher this year. He is off for day 2 today and is still excited...we will see when the homework starts how excited he remains.


Amy said...

Oh...Becky brings back such fond memories! What a great age! Congratulations to your husband! A pretty busy household...I would say! Have a lovely day!!

Beverly said...

Yes Amy we have a busy house at least it isn't me in school! A few years a go it was me in school, working and caring for a baby...I am still tired..LOL