Sunday, August 23, 2009

OBX (my dream home)

When you think of peace, bliss, or tranquility...odds are that a particular place, smell or feeling comes to mind. For me it is the Outer Banks in North Carolina (a little ways from Fairmont, WV). A good friend of mine suggested this area to me several years ago, and with the exception of one beach trip to Myrtle Beach a couple years ago we have went back every year since then. Now there are many towns that make up OBX. One of our favorite is Waves, NC. This is where we stayed the last two years and probably will continue to stay.
Natural dunes are everywhere in the OBX.
Is this a classic beach photo or what? I can almost hear the ocean and feel the salty air when I see this picture.
This is our little camp set up at Ocean Waves Campground ( This is my idea of camping! Electric, water, air conditioning, bath houses, and even cable TV. Check out my little pink flamingos...they were what I brought home from the beach this year. The guard my flowers at my home now.
OBX is an island, so there are lighthouses everywhere. This is Bodie Island Lighthouse. It has historical significance in the civil war. It is also the furthermost inland of all of the lighthouses on OBX. Hopefully by 2012 the lighthouse will be restored and visitors can once again climb to the top.
Stephen (far left) found a couple new friends this year to play with.
Walkways over the water and through waterways abound. If you are a birdwatcher this is the place for you!
This year we even found some good friends staying for a week or so and met them for lunch at Mulligans in Kitty Hawk.
One of the reasons we love it so much is that you can find a beach and back your 4-wheel drive right up to the water. Now that is the way to go to the beach!!!!!!


Amy said... looks simply lovely!!! I'd like to go there someday. Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

Hi Beverly,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a nice place to spend some time at. Our son lives in NC but are moving back to our area. Too bad too, I would love to have visited this area.