Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chicken Piccata

I had never made Chicken Piccata before. I was very surprised to find out how easy it was to make. Even picky son ate a piece!

I wasn't sure what to have with it, so I made noodles with some fresh garden zucchini. It was very good. Hubby and son picked out the zucchini of course. They don't know what they are missing sometimes!
The finished plate...the best thing is that I have enough for my lunch today!
Chicken Piccata

4 skinless chicken breast 1/8 t paprika
1 egg 1/4 C butter or olive oil
3 T lemon juice 2 t chicken bouillon
1/4 C flour 1/2 C boiling water
1/8 t garlic powder

Beat the egg together with 1 T lemon juice.
Mix flour, garlic powder and paprika together.
Dip the chicken in the egg mix and then in in flour

Brown the chicken in a skillet until brown on both sides (use the butter or oil for this)

Dissolve the bouillon in the boiling water and add the remaining 2 T lemon juice. Pour over the browned chicken in the skillet. Cover and simmer 10 minutes on each side.

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