Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heston Farms

In Fairmont, WV there is a little farm called Heston Farms. They have outside movies, on the lawn, in the summer, cath and release fishing, petting zoo, and a pumpkin festival this year. Now the temperature this year was in the 40's and the weather was drizzling rain on and off.

They have several deck areas that are covered, and often have parties there such as weddings, reunions, graduations...

This is my son...notice the look on his face? This is the look of "OMG this is sooooooo lame". He is almost 7 and acts like a teenager already sometimes!

He did forget it was "lame" and had some fun on the pirate ship for a little while.

We meet some friends and he had someone to hang out with (well, he had someone to follow him around). He would have rode the train but it was not working that day.

There were horse rides. This is Elizabeth, our friends daughter.

Ponies pulling a cart...again our friend's daughter. Our son would have nothing to do with the horses. He would not even pet them. No way, no how!

We carved pumpkins and had fun. This is me, my son, Elizabeth and our friends Chris and Kendra.

This is me and my son. We had a very nice day (even with the cold and rain). Notice the WARM fireplace in the background? It was so pretty back there.


Proper Prim said...

Hi Bev... this is the "Queen" answering you back... hahahaha... I had a good chuckle over your post... I am an obsessed queen... I am scaring myself... but the best part is I am buying to sell... Thank God for that... or my house would be busting at the seams...

Watch this weekend I am going to do a tutorial just for you on aging... it really is so easy... have a great week Bev and thanks for stopping by... hope to see a lot of you...
Hugs, Deb

Cindy said...

Hi Beverly, Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your son. He is a good looking kid, too bad kids grow up so fast, eh? Nothing better than making memories!
Big Hugs, Cindy S. PS Thank you for all of your sweet coments, they mean alot to me!