Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

We are under a winter storm warning starting this afternoon! OK... I know this makes me strange...but I am excited. We may actually have a white Christmas!!!!! My son is so excited...he is having his Christmas party at school today and then it will start snowing tonight. He has big plans for this week-end.
Here is the weather map for our area...

Be safe all my east coast friends...stay inside and have hot cocoa, play board games, watch movies, and relax.


Kerri said...

We got a foot last week...YUCK!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

We were supposed to get some snow, but it has moved on up. :-( Boo, the boys get out of school today and I was hoping for snow just for them. You guys are supposed to get hammered, please be safe, stay warm and don't be driving if you don't have. I hope your electricity stays on.



Miss Mustard Seed said...

We're in the 6-12" range as well. We're hunkered down and ready for sledding, soup and snowmen tomorrow. It's a forced slow down that is welcomed. Be safe!