Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thought for today

This one is really for a reminder. Don't ask...just having a hard time with someone.

See the Sweetness

No matter how bad people may seem, they possess at least one virtue. Be like the humming bird and pick out the sweetness of everyone's character.


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

It is very hard at times to see the "sweet" part of a bad egg. Believe me, I know! We have to dig deep sometimes, we can do that...we are Mountaineers. ;-)

Hope you are having a good week.


honeysuckle said...

This is such a wonderful thing to incorporate into our lives. We need to see everyone in their best light and hope we can appear the same to them. I will work on that this week!(Love the pic of you with the crown--priceless!)

Kerri said...

LOL! Oh, Beverly. How appropriate!
Hope you have a great day tomorrow!!

Cindy said...

That is a good one to remember. Hugs, Cindy S.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for the reminder for me, too. I do hope things are better with that someone for you.