Friday, November 06, 2009

Going to Amish Country

I am so excited about my trip to the Amish Country in Ohio! I love this place.
The atmosphere is so peaceful and quaint.
I really enjoy seeing all the horse drawn buggies and plows.

The stores are so interesting and different from what we have available.

The children are adorable

The cheese is the best!!!


Judy @ daily yarns said...

How fun Bev! I love visiting the Amish country and my husband and I had the opportunity to visit with a young Amish couple. Love your photos.

Kerri said...

Oh my GOSH Amish cheese IS the best! I think Doug and I need an Amish country trip! We are about on hour and a half from Shipshewana.
Have fun!!!

Suzy said...

Amish country is so much fun!
Jack and I have been to Pa. and Ohio
and there's so much to see.

I Wonder Wye said...

When we lived in MD, I had a client in PA, and the best part was being in Lancaster, an Amish community. I would time my visits to go to their farmer's market, and one time an quilt auction. I was the ONLY one bidding on a denim quilt and got a queen sized denim quilt for $60! Sadly, when our house was remodeled, it got stolen by one of the workers! :( I still miss it...