Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible Schools is officially over for this year! What a great time we had. The average attendance was about 60 kids each evening! The picture below is from our last night. What a fun group of kids. If you have never helped with a VBS before, it is quite an experience.
After the program upstairs was complete, everyone filed into the gymnasium to eat! Yummy. We had hotdogs, potato chips, s'mores, fruit, pudding, goldfish crackers, and of course kool-aid.
I think everyone was glad to sit and eat and celebrate the last night. I am so honored to be a part of bringing the gospel to children, some of which have never heard it before. These kids would light up every evening when they were learning and listening to the stories being told. They would sit mesmerized during story time...this is an amazing thing, to see very loud, active children, sit quietly for 25 minutes and listen to the word of God.
Our mission this year was to help a food pantry get back on it's feet. We collected cans and non-perishable items all week to donate. We also took an offering each evening and the money went to the food pantry also! The kids enjoyed the thought of helping out others. The president of the food pantry came to talk to the kids and thanked them all for thier effort. Then we loaded up his car and sent him off.
Our entry door was painted with Sparks the fox! See how cute.
Well now that this year is over...we can start on next years VBS...AFTER a much needed break!

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